Top 5 Most Common Traffic Tickets & How to Fight Them

Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets

Getting stopped for traffic tickets is no fun, especially when you are moving with the flow of traffic and avoiding maneuvers that might endanger other drivers. While you might occasionally be surprised by the reasons given for pulling you over, there are actually only a few constantly popular moving violations that seem to be common to practically everybody’s driving habits at one point or another.

The Top 5: 

There are about ten very common categories of moving violations, but the five that are most popular on that list are:

  • Speeding, exceeding posted speed limits
  • Failure to stop (at a light or sign)
  • Unsafe lane changes, usually because of a missed signal
  • Reckless driving
  • Following too closely

At least three of these top infractions are based entirely on the officer’s perception and representation of your behavior, so they are difficult to prove unless there is an accident or a clear violation of car safety. Still, many times, they are leading reasons for ticketing drivers in certain areas. In cases of speeding and failure to stop, there is often support from radar scans or cameras, but these have known faults, so it is important to challenge tickets that are mistaken, even when there appears to be evidence to back them.

How to Fight Tickets:

The best thing you can do whenever you are facing a legal fight is to talk to a lawyer who works in that area. Lawyers that specialize in traffic law, such as a speed ticket lawyer or a red light camera ticket lawyer Los Angeles, know how to challenge processes and procedures, to show where the narrative breaks down, and to articulate what really happened. They can protect your rights, and they often do so without the need for your appearance in traffic court, so they let you fight a ticket with minimal disruption to your daily life. That increases your odds of the outcome you want while simplifying the process for you.

For more information about fighting traffic tickets with legal representation, such as drunk driving attorneys, contact The Ticket Clinic today.

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