5 Tips to Kill Germs in your Car

Whether you need to go for work, drop your kids to school or set out for a family outing, you spend most of the time in your car. You know what else might be riding with you? A colony of bacteria! That’s right. A frequently used car can give birth to infectious germs, especially when it is not being cleaned regularly. Use the following 5 tips to make sure you don’t have microbes squirming inside your car.

1) Clean Regularly:

An important step to eliminate germs from your car is regular cleaning. Vacuum the cars seats properly to catch any dust, hair or food particles. Don’t get lazy just because you don’t see any mess. Dirt and food particles are too tiny to be seen by the naked eye and decay over time to produce bacteria. Take out the carpets and floor mats and brush them properly as well. Inspect the AC vents and see if the filters need any cleaning or replacing.

2) Let the Air Pass:

The cold UK weather allows you to minimise the use of air conditioner and enjoy the fresh air. So, roll down the windows and let your car breathe as well. Fresh air removes humidity (a suitable condition for bacterial growth) and reduces any unpleasant odour to keep your car smell good.

3) Use Disinfectants and Air Fresheners:

Products such as sterilisers and disinfectants are great for putting an end to harmful bacteria. Dettol wipes are the best to kill germs from handbrakes, door handles, volume knobs, seatbelts, gear shift and steering wheel. Keep an air freshener inside the car at all times. If a child spills something, the air freshener will disinfect the air and remove any foul odour quickly.

4) Keep a Small Trash Box:

Don’t let garbage touch the surface of your car by using a small bin. A small trash box won’t take much of your car’s space and is useful for disposing of used tissue papers, leftovers and other rubbish. It is also a good practice for your children to learn throwing trash in the bins rather than on the roads or inside the car.

5) Avoid Eating Inside:

Food particles are the reason of rapid mould growth. It is recommended that you avoid eating in the car, however that might not be possible every time. Food items can spill one way or the other, but it’s better to stop at a safe place, finish the meal, dispose the leftovers properly and get back in your ride.

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