4 Tips To Equip Your SUV For An Outdoor Camping Trip

Camping Trip

Camping Trip

Are you thinking of ways to entertain your children in the summer holidays? Or are you bored to death after your semester’s completion and can’t think of anything productive to do in your holidays? You have landed on the right web page, as I have a brilliant idea for you to consider. Camping! Yes, it is a fun way to spend time with your family and friends during the holidays and learn new things. Take your best utility vehicle on the trip. If you don’t own one, rent it out and read my tips to learn the best ways to equip your SUV with all the essential materials for a successful camping adventure.

1) Vehicle Enhancements:

When you take your SUV into the wild, you should be prepared to encounter all kinds of terrains including gravel roads, rocks, sand, swamps and more. Therefore, it is necessary to install all-terrain tyres on your four-wheel drive rims. Other than tyres, you can think of adding an overhead carrier. These carriers help you utilize the space on your roof by stacking necessary items like sleeping bags, ropes, tents and all other things that do not spoil easily. If you have one of those roofless SUVs like a Jeep Wrangler, you can consider any hard tops for Jeeps. Use a hardtop mounting kit and enjoy the same luxury.

2) Cooking Essentials:

If you are going out camping, nothing is more fun than cooking your own food out in the open. To accomplish this task, you should take along a gas cylinder that you could use to cook food on a makeshift stove. A gas cylinder is a hazardous product, so you need to keep it away from children and warm temperatures. If you are of an adventurous kind and like cooking directly on a campfire, take extra matches or fuel to light up a fire.

3) Tools and Safety Equipment:

Since you are going away from the city, you won’t easily find a mechanic or a doctor. For your safety, keep a first aid kit and some essential medicines in your SUV. Vehicles can break down any time on a journey, therefore, you should carry basic tools to work your way out of a difficult situation.  Keep more than one spare tyre (if possible) with you as well. It can be handy in cases when two tires deflate on the road.

4) Extra Fuel:

Have you seen that small fuel cane hanging behind most SUVs? Yes, that’s not just for show, you need to fill that up with fuel in case you wander deep into the wilderness and get lost. In such a situation, the last thing you want is running out of fuel. The fuel can is your backup option after you have consumed all the fuel in the SUV’s fuel tank. That being said, you might not run out of fuel since SUVs generally have large fuel tanks. In any case, it is better to be safe than sorry.

That’s about the basics of what you will need. The rest depends on your personal preferences. Camping is supposed to help you get on with nature and hone your survival skills, so it’s natural that you will face some difficulties. Let’s hope no such thing could happen that you cannot get out of.

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