How To Choose The Best Engine Oil For Your Car

Best Engine Oil For Your Car

One of the first things to check when you are in search of the best engine oil for your car is the Grade. The oil’s grade is denoted like 10W-40 (which you can see on the label), which implies the thickness or viscosity of the oil. Modern engines come with finer tuning, so they require oils with low viscosity. However, it is not that simple, as modern oils have become quite complex. Most oils have 2 sets of numbers as they are multi-grade and this means there are additives in the oil, which allow it to change viscosity at different temperatures.

The first number of the grade shows how smoothly the oil will function at low temperatures. So, the lower the number, the better the result. The W in the grade label stands for ‘Winter’, while the last number represents how the oil will work at higher temperatures (once again, the lower the number, the better the result).

Oil Specifications:

The ACEA numbers on the label have the most significance when it comes to the specifications, which are:

  • A1 is for fuel economy petrol
  • A2 is for high performance and/or extended drain
  • A3 is for fuel economy petrol with extended drain capacity

Specifications for diesel engines are slightly different and include the following:

  • B1 is for fuel economy diesel
  • B3 is for high performance and/or extended drain
  • B4 is for direct injection passenger car diesel engines
  • B5 is for fuel economy diesel with extended drain capability

That being said, some automakers have created their individual oil specifications and their oils can last up to 2 years or 18,000 miles.

If your vehicle uses a diesel particulate filter, then it will need SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur) low oil, which includes:

  • C1 is for low SAPS (0.5% ash) fuel efficient
  • C2 is for medium SAPS (0.8% ash) fuel efficient
  • C3 is for medium SAPS (0.8% ash) less fuel efficient

Synthetic Oils:

Many modern engines require synthetic oils, which include less contaminations. Fully synthetic oils are perfect for latest engines offering high performance, while semi synthetic oils are a combination of synthetic and mineral oil.

In order to determine whether your vehicle can use synthetic oil or not, see your car’s manual or call your local car dealer.

5 Top Engine Oils:

1) Mobil 1 (120846) Motor Oil 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil:

With its high performance and thermal and oxidation stability, Mobil 1 is the best engine oil for your vehicle. It prohibits the formation of deposits and sludge build-up, thus prolonging your engine’s life. This grade ensure high performance in cold weather (which is suited to the climatic conditions in the UK).

2) Penzoil 550038321 Platinum SAE 10W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil:

Penzoil Platinum 10W-30 is the best engine oil for your vehicle, because it cleans out sludge better than any oil in the market using its superior active cleansing agents. This motor oil is recommended for long distance travel and/or travel in harsh driving conditions. Penzoil even meets the strictest of oil specifications placed by auto manufacturers (it recently became the official oil supplier of Ferrari).

3) Castrol 06140 GTX 5W-20 Conventional Motor Oil:

Castrol GTX 5W-20 Conventional Motor Oil is instilled with TriShield Technology, which provides protection against deposit formation, viscosity and thermal breakdown. With this oil, Castrol has improved its gas mileage using ultra-low friction. The oil also meets the high standards of many auto manufacturers and models (including Chrysler MS 6395, Ford WSS-M2C930-A and so on).

4) Valvoline MaxLife SAE 5W-30 High Mileage Motor Oil:

This oil contains seal conditioners, which refresh aging engine seals and stop oil leaks from occurring. The wear protection of this motor oil ensures the engine does not wear down. It also contains extra detergents which bond and clear the sludge and deposits of older engines. The anti-oxidants prevent the oil from breaking down, thus prevent deposit build-up.

5) Royal Purple 51530 API-Licensed SAE 5W-30 High Performance Synthetic Motor Oil:

Royal Purple‘s SAE 5W-30 is a synthetic engine oil which provides wear protection and safety of your catalytic emission system. It is also compatible with fuels that contain ethanol, thus providing above average corrosion protection. The Royal Purple SAE 5W-30 works effectively in colder temperatures.

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