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  1. I am a 52 year old lady who for over thirty years have used nothing but “old bangers” due to having seven sons. When l was 50 l decided to treat myself to a brand new car, (on HP of course!) My boys (now men) told me that VW was one of the best! Two of them drive VW, Golf. l listerned to them, God help me!! The Alan Day at Old Kent Road was owned by Pursers and l picked up a Polo 1.4, being desperate, (l do two jobs so l need a car) l asked if l could have the showroom car, in my excitment l did not ask for a discount). l was charged for EVERYTHING including the ground the car stood on! Eventually, the price stopped at just over £11,000. At that time, my sister who had cancer was also being looked after by me and l needed the car to go to Mount Vernon Hospital sometimes up to three or four times a week, hence in the first year, l had done nearly 19 thousand miles!! From the go, within a week, the plastic that holds the sit belt popped off! The material at the window on the door, started coming out! The cup holder in front snapped with a can drink being put in it! l put it in for services and l was charged £43 by now Alan Day for WD10!! Later to find out that this was engine oil!!!. I lost my car keys and this was done by the same Alan Day in Old Kent Road, since then, my car dies randomly!! I have been told that bringing it in starts at £120 an hour! From the first day the key was done, the car has been randomly packing up! This car was bought in November 2007!!!!!! I intended to move up to buying a Golf in 2011, but now everyone is advising me to go for a Honda or a Nissan! But l like the new Polo, l do would love to be able to buy this, but after what l have gone through, should l? Who does one go to for help? My car is now a liability for which l cannot see a way out. Would Alan Day help? Please!!!!

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