5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Hybrid Cars

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are all the talk in the car industry lately. People are increasingly becoming concerned about global warming and its effect on the environment and human race. The environment is suffering a lot due to the toxic substances accumulating in the atmosphere at an exorbitant rate. Fossil fuels when burnt in the car engine release harmful chemicals, which are the cause of depletion and thinning of the ozone layer. Due to this, many fatal skin diseases and health issues have surfaced among humans. It is not just the humans that are being affected by this, rather it is taking a toll on the animals as well.

In order to protect the humans as well as the animal species, the car industry has started manufacturing motors that run either entirely on electricity or both on gasoline + electric motor. Hybrid is the most widely used worldwide, isn’t a bad choice to contribute a little to the environment.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy Hybrid cars instead of the traditional ones.

1) Comfortable to Drive:

These cars are as comfortable and easy to drive as traditional cars. The brakes and accelerator function the same way. It accelerates as quickly as a normal, traditional car can. Also, they are safer to drive, with no worries of petrol or diesel leaks. The engine can run on gasoline as well as battery, but the power shift from battery to gas (or vice versa) is so smooth that you cannot tell the difference. Hybrid engines are so quiet, that you cannot tell if the engine is running or not unless you step on the accelerator. When the car stops at a red light, the engine completely shuts down automatically and starts again when you step on the accelerator.

2) Low Cost:

When hybrid cars appeared on the scene, they were costing more than the gasoline-powered cars. That is because of the extra effort it took to produce a gas-electric engine. But with the advancements in technology, the cost of hybrid cars dived down. The 2010 Honda Insight was the first hybrid car to cost less than the US $20,000 and was a big hit amongst the public. But to cut down on cost, you also had to compromise on some features. However not anymore! Auto manufacturers are working hard to come up with hybrid cars that are affordable and also look great inside out with a number of safety and driver assistance features.

3) Save the Environment:

Ever thought about the world our coming generation(s) will have to live in? No? Well, now is the time you do. As stated in the opening paragraph, the traditional cars are toxic for the environment and human health. If we don’t take a stand now and work to make the environment better, then the human race is bound to extinct, sooner than later. Some of the animal species are already on the verge of extinction, such as the polar bears or pandas. By opting to buy a hybrid car, we are playing our part to save the environment. These cars are just one of the many ways we can save planet Earth.

4) Lower Maintenance:

You save a lot on gas. Since the past few years, the prices of fossil fuels are varying. Though fuel prices are relatively low these days, but that can change anytime. Eco-friendly cars partially depend on batteries. Gas can be reloaded from stations and the batteries can be charged at home or public charging stations (true for plug-in hybrid and full-electric cars).

5) They are the Cars of the Future:

Why waste money on a car which the industry itself will stop producing in the next decade or so? You might have heard all big automakers are shifting their focus towards electric cars. Think long term. Environmental issues will be the hot topic for the many years to come, and the eco-friendly cars will be the long-term solution. Hence, invest wisely. There is no doubt that the hybrids are the cars of the future.

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